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Kompresivni dodaci se nose ispod kompresivne odeće. U kontaktu sa kožom pružaju blagu, ravnomernu i kontinuiranu kompresiju, te pomažu da tretirano područje ostane zategnuto. Ovi dodaci pomažu smanjenju nepokrivenog područja i potpomažu vraćanje kože u prvobitno stanje. Ovi dodaci pružaju potporu hirurški tretiranom delu i sprečavaju zadržavanje tečnosti, minimizirajući rizik od hematoma, ublažavaju modrice i optimiziraju postoperativnu limfnu drenažu. Abdominalni dodaci se nose ispod kompresivne postoperativne odeće.


Zateže, ispravlja i minimizuje ožiljke. Pruža podršku hirurški tretiranom području i sprečava zadržavanje tečnosti nakon liposukcije. Ubrzava proces oporavka.

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    If you are looking for a personal loan for large investment project, projects from $5 Million USD to $55 Billion USD, with up to 15 years repayment plan with 2years grace period, We are MIDDLE EAST DEBT LOAN FINANCE CONSULTING, a leading independent investment firm, headquartered in Kuwait and backed by a large number of prominent Gulf-based sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, and families, a company leading the way in Financing and Capital Investments within the GCC region.

    We are looking for entrepreneurs / project owners, who will pay up to 3.5% interest per year and we also give 1 % commission to brokers, who bring project owners for financing or other occasions. We also provide resources for direct foreign investment partners into any of the sectors below.

    Our Investments financing focus is on, Seed Capital, Early-Stage, Start-Up Ventures, , Brokerage, Private Finance, Renewable Energy Project, Commercial Real Estate, Blockchain, Technology, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Animal Breeding, Hospitality, Healthcare, Oil/Gas/Refinery from business executives and companies with proven business records in search of funding for expansion or for capital investments..

    If our above offer for financing is within the acceptable financing scheme anticipated by your organization or company.

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